We have berries in the market!

We have wonderful, delicious strawberries available in our market. They are a bit smaller than they were at the beginning of the season but they retain that marvelous flavor. There are essentially no more berries available for you to pick from our field.  We have planted a new berry patch at our Raymond Street farm and are confident that next year our strawberry fields will be back in the condition that we prefer and our customers deserve.

You may pick sugar snap peas.  This is a beautiful crop of tender, delicious, snappy crisp peas that are intended to be eaten with the pod—no shelling necessary.  They may be eaten raw, with a dip, stir-fried or cooked like a green bean.  The English pea, the ones you shell, are also available to pick, as are snow peas, the type that is often found in Asian dishes.

Our location on Highway 37 in Greenwood is now open with inconsistent hours.  We arrive there after the strawberries have been picked in the morning and remain until they are all sold.  This generally means that we are open from approximately 11 a.m. until approximately 5 p.m. 

For your convenience we are selling our strawberries under a tent near the highway so that you don’t have to drive down that long driveway.  This does mean, however, that we are unable to accept credit cards at this location.  For more information, please call 357-2989.


About Waterman's Family Farm

We're the little farm in the big city, a real working produce farm as well as the host of the famous Fall Harvest Festival and the Jazz-a-Berry festival. We're also a terrific party location, an educational center and a friendly farm market!
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