Corny Times Are Here Again

You know summer’s here when you bite into your first ear of crunchy, delicious sweet corn! We’re picking our earliest variety now, so come on out to the market!

Why should you buy our corn instead of the stuff in the supermarket? Freshness. The moment an ear of corn comes off the stalk, all the sugars begin converting to starch. You want corn that “pops” with real corn flavor, and the only way to get that is to go to the source — us!

Corn in the store also has a thick and gummy hull, or pericarp. That’s because it has to hold up while being shipped long distances. Our corn has a thin hull that shatters when you bite into it. Try some and enjoy a true Indiana summertime treat!

Sunday afternoon Corn Roasts are coming soon!

Come out to visit YOUR family farm on Sunday afternoons beginning July 15 for our first-ever corn roasts.

It’ll be like an old-fashioned family picnic, church social or family reunion! We’ll have games and activities like hayrides, Water Wars (a water balloon fight — just the thing on these hot summer days!) and sack races. And we’ll be roasting corn and grilling brats and hot dogs.

 Admission will be free (you have to pay for your food, natch!). See you there!


About Waterman's Family Farm

We're the little farm in the big city, a real working produce farm as well as the host of the famous Fall Harvest Festival and the Jazz-a-Berry festival. We're also a terrific party location, an educational center and a friendly farm market!
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